Posted on Apr 26, 2019

Florida Monarch Research and Educational Project

If you become a participant in the project you may fall into one of two categories.
1) You do not raise monarchs. You could simply net wild monarchs, test, tag and release them.
2) You are already raising them, so you will document what type of milkweed you are using to raise the larvae. Once your butterfly emerges then you will test, tag and release your butterfly.
What you will be testing for: OE: Ophryocystis elektroscirrha ; a debilitating protozoan parasite that infects monarchs.
Whether you are catching wild butterflies or raising your own, everything will need to be documented. You will be provided with Data Sheets, OE testing material and Tags (in some cases nets may be provided) at no cost to you. We also have a video to teach you how to do this.
Please help save our Florida resident monarchs.
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